George Oliver leads a 37.5 billion dollar company- where he highlights authenticity, transparency, and trust in relationships. Learn how showing vulnerability can amplify your growth and connection in the workplace!

George Oliver, the Chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls, shares his insights on leadership, corporate culture, and the journey of personal growth. With a rich history of steering one of the world’s most renowned multi-industrial firms, Oliver’s experiences offer invaluable lessons for aspiring leaders and leaders today. Learn how George leads a company of over 100,000 employees- with a revenue of 25.3 billion dollars!

Key Points from Today’s Interview:

  • How to Understand the Role of Empathy in Leadership: Learn why empathy is a crucial trait for leaders and how it can foster stronger connections with team members and stakeholders.

  • How to Show Accountability in Tough Times: Instead of making excuses, Oliver emphasizes taking responsibility even when faced with challenges.

  • How to Engage with Employees of ALL Ranks: Oliver talks about the importance of connecting with staff at every level to truly understand their viewpoints.

  • How to Lead with Genuine Integrity: Oliver points out that for long-term success, leaders should act in line with their core values without compromising.

Tune in to hear more & gain insights from George Oliver on how leaders can create an engaging, resilient culture of trust- where all employees feel comfortable embracing their true, authentic selves.

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You should NOT be vulnerable at work!

Yes, you read that right. Vulnerability is about exposing a gap and doing so can actually cause far more harm than good. Leading with vulnerability on the other hand, is exposing a gap and then demonstrating what you are doing to close the gap. I interviewed over 100 of the world’s top CEOs and surveyed 14,000 employees to figure out how to combine vulnerability with leadership so that you can create trust, unlock the potential of those around you, and drive business performance. Learn more in my brand new book!