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Which Companies Dominate the “Internet of Things?”

Posted by on July 14, 2014

The internet of things is still a very big area of discussion and exploration. The folks over at Appinions (an influencer marketing platform) put together an interesting list of companies that are having a huge impact on the internet of things industry. Based on their scoring system here is what they came up with.



The companies listed above cover pretty everything you can think of in the IOT space and offer products ranging from smart office equipment and wearable devices to smart home appliances and the ability to create smart automobiles. There’s also another area of the IOT which GE coined as “the industrial internet,” that is connectivity for machinery, manufacturing, robots, and the like. Those leading companies can be seen below:



The most interesting thing however is what people are discussing when they are mentioned the internet of things. Appinions put together a nifty little tag cloud for that as well. It should come as no surprise that words like privacy, data security, and big data, are among the most common themes.



I still believe that most people in the world have no idea what the internet of things is or what all of this connectivity means to them professionally or personally. I tried to explore this in an article I wrote for Forbes called “A Simple Explanation Of The Internet Of Things.” Appinions correctly identified that this is still a very volatile market (as is the wearable space) which is still going to see plenty of newcomers, acquisitions, and companies going bust.

You can see their full report here.

  • The internet of things is a great and important area for future development and the companies that invest in it now have a lot to win.