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Chess Media Group Acquires Dachis Group!

Posted by on April 1, 2011

Today we are very excited to and thrilled to announce the acquisition of Dachis Group, the pioneers behind  the concept of “social business design.”  Dachis has raised approximately $80 million dollars in venture capital funding thus far and have made several acquisitions of their own bringing their employee base to a few hundred around the world.  Chess Media Group has a focus on management consulting and strategic advisory around social business and we are looking to expand our service offering into other areas.

“We wanted to round out our team.  With Jacob as our King and myself as our Queen, we were looking for some pawns and the smart folks at Dachis were the perfect fit,” said Connie Chan, the principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group.

Jeff Dachis, the CEO of Dachis Group said, “If there was one company out there that we hoped would acquire us, it would be Chess.  Have you seen their diagrams; they alone made us want to be acquired by Chess.  Then I played chess with Jacob and after he beat me, I knew this was the company we had to sell to.  In fact, the reason we added the word “Group” to “Dachis Group” was because Chess Media Group had it as a part of their name – those guys think of everything!”

The acquisition even drew some attention from analysts in the industry such as Sameer Patel who said, “I don’t generally cover announcements such as this, but when I see an attempt to combine content, process and people in an effort to contextualize work (as opposed to social for social’s sake), I consider it a meaningful effort towards performance acceleration – something I do write a lot about.”

Chess Media Group acquired Dachis for 88 million dollars and everyone at Dachis will be required to participate in weekly chess lessons.

Of course, if you haven’t figured this out yet, this is indeed an April Fool’s joke – we didn’t acquire them at all; perhaps one day!

We greatly admire the people at Dachis and Sameer and the work that they do for their clients.  We wish them all the best!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

  • Funny! Happy April fool’s day to you too!

  • I heard it went down after one night in Bangkok.

  • Couldn’t have been me: I don’t cover announcements or chess games. 🙂

    • You were in a food coma and don’t remember 🙂

  • Parker

    Jacob, can we set up a Checkers subsidiary to service small business?

    • See, that’s the kind of innovative thinking we need!

  • I was catching up on your blog via rss so I wasn’t paying attention to the dates and you got me. I was saying to my self as I was reading ” I know Jacob does good work but DAMMM…. 80 million dollars” Take it as a compliment 🙂 I enjoyed the laugh thanks.