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I don’t know about you, but when I have a community I feel more empowered to accomplish anything. Whether it be working or exercising, community is a big part of my life.

Although many of us have some type of personal community I feel like we struggle when it comes to professional communities – that is, groups of people in a particular field who can help us become more successful, tackle challenges, help us when times are tough, and just be supportive.

Well…it’s time to change that…

Two months ago I announced that my amazing wife Blake Morgan is launching a brand new customer experience community and the time has almost come!

In the next 2 weeks or so, the community will finally be live and I’m more excited than Blake is to see this thing come to life because I know how hard she and her team have been working to create something amazing and special for you.

Although Blake and I have similar careers as authors and speakers, we focus on different areas. I focus on leadership, the future of work, and employee experience and Blake focuses on customer experience and digital transformation, in fact she’s one of the world’s leading voices in the industry.

As Blake wrote in a previous article:

“So many of you over the years have shared with me. You’ve shared your challenges with leadership, with change management, with your technology, contact centers, creating one approach to CX across the business – sharing data around the customer. You’ve approached me at conferences and asked for advice – and I’ve done the best to give advice, but I want to take it one step further.”

Her customer experience community is going to do just that.

Here are the four pillars of the community that Blake will be focusing on to start, with more things planned in the future! Who knows, I may make a few guest appearances in there too 🙂

Here’s the best part!

If you sign up to join the waitlist then you will eligible for the early bird pricing when it launches ($69/month vs the regular $99/month), but this will ONLY be granted to those on the waitlist.

Blake charges tens of thousands of dollars for a single 45 min speech and now for a fraction of that cost anyone around the world in any company will be able to get direct access to her for a fraction of that price along with lots of resources.

When you sign up you will:

  • Get weekly livestreams with Blake Morgan to go over what’s new in CX
  • Watch monthly presentations from Blake Morgan as well as special guests
  • Access quarterly private reports featuring case studies and trends
  • Get certified in The Customer Of The Future course inclusive of a certification you can post to LinkedIn
  • Enjoy direct access to the community where you can connect with peers, share information, and make new friends
  • Gain access to Blake and her team via the community
  • Take CX assessments to figure out where you need to improve your strategy

Here’s a video Blake put together with some more information. I really hope you decide to sign up. It will be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make!

Remember, to secure the pricing of $69/month vs the regular $99/month you must be on the waitlist when the community goes live.