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Best Way to Create Events on Twitter, Twtvite

Posted by on February 6, 2009

I just came across what I now consider to be the best and most effective way to create and promote events online with twtvite (through twitter).  Twtvite let’s people rsvp to the event by entering in their twitter profile and also allows them to retweet the event, put it up on facebook, or share it across various other social networks.  The organizer inputs all the basic info, much like you would when creating a facebook event.  The users that the visit the page are presented with all the information they need and can even add comments to the event as well.  In fact, there is an event tomorrow that my buddy Brad Coy is hosting today in SF, check it out!

Twtvite also shows a google maps image so people can see exactly where the event is without having to look it up.  Users are also given the ability to search for other twitter events in their area but entering in a geographic location into the search bar.

I really love how simple Twtvite is to use and the interface actually looks very good.  Please check them out and help spread the word, these guys deserve it!

I have attached a few screenshots below:



Twtvite detals


Twtvite search


What do you think?  What are you currently using to create and promote events on twitter?

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  • Felipe

    Hey Jacob, Thanks for the article. Twtvite is one my favorites too.

  • Dereck

    Sorry, I have tosay twitter is not my favorite. In fact I'm logging in once a month

  • Brad

    Hey Jacob, just clicked through my reader to see your site redone. Nice job. Yeah, twtvite worked out pretty well with the exception of a few glitches. Great to see you again on Friday. Thanks for coming out!

  • Brad Coy

    Hey Jacob, just clicked through my reader to see your site redone. Nice job. Yeah, twtvite worked out pretty well with the exception of a few glitches. Great to see you again on Friday. Thanks for coming out!

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