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You're Invited! American Marketing Association on Social Business

Posted by on February 2, 2011

I’m speaking at the American Marketing Association during Social Media Week on “Evolving into a Social Business.”  The event is on Feb 9th from 6-8pm at 1550 Bryant Street Penthouse–Eleventh Floor.  Here’s the description of the event:

Organizations are getting more involved with social media as tools and channels but inevitably the question of “now what?” always comes up. What do organizations do with their communities? How do they do they solve business problems? And how do they evolve into social businesses that collaborate with their employees, customers, and partners to solve business problems?

This session will provide attendees with a solid understanding of what a social business is, how collaboration impacts business performance across the enterprise, and how organizations can move beyond just social media to evolving their organizations into a social business. The key here is to look at social as a long term strategic business initiative instead of as a short term marketing or PR initiative.

It should be a very interesting session with lots of great discussions and networking; I’d love to see you there, especially if we have never offline before and if we have met, well then I’d love to see you again!  All readers of “social business advisor” get a $15 discount to the event with promo code “sfama2011smw” (feel free to share it around).  Hope you can attend and join in some great discussions around this new evolving area of social business!

  • Just saw this, is it still possible to register for this event? Looks as if only student registrations are still open.

    • You should still be able to get tickets on the site!

  • Just saw this and it sounds great. Is it still possible to register for this event? Thanks!