Is the future of work remote, in-person, or a hybrid of the two? It comes down to one thing: offering flexibility.

Workplace flexibility is a priority for employees and a focus for organizations. But it means more than just allowing employees to work from home.

Flexibility means employees can work where they do their best work and when it fits their schedule best–whether that means coming into an office, working from home, or setting up in a coffee shop.

It’s that flexibility that allows employees to feel empowered and thrive.

According to FlexJobs, flexible work provides several benefits to employees and organizations. Here are six benefits of offering workplace flexibility:

  1. Increased productivity. When employees are comfortable, they can get more work done.
  2. Less stressed employees. Employees control their schedules and workspace, so they can work where they need to get work done instead of being stressed to sit at their desks for eight hours.
  3. Decreased absenteeism. Employees can bring their whole selves to work, which increases engagement and loyalty.
  4. Healthier and happier employees. Flexible work allows employees to take breaks, stay in tune with their mental health, and not be caught up in the stress of commuting and crowds.
  5. Cost savings. Companies can save money on renting and maintaining office space, and employees don’t have to pay to commute.
  6. Increased trust. Companies show they trust employees by allowing them to work remotely. That trust from employees then comes back to the leaders and the company.

The future of work doesn’t force employees into one way of working. It offers flexibility. And that flexibility is what allows companies and employees to thrive and grow.


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