It’s no secret that I’m working on my next book exploring leadership and vulnerability. I’ve already interviewed over 100 CEOs and surveyed nearly 14,000 employees in partnership with DDI World.

One of the things I learned already is that there isn’t one kind of vulnerable leader, there are 5! Which one are you?

I’ve asked CEOs what makes them feel most vulnerable and why, how vulnerable physically makes them feel, if vulnerability has ever been used against them, how to be vulnerable without being perceived as weak, and lots of other interesting questions.

I’m doing a follow-up survey to explore the different types of vulnerable leaders, how leaders approach vulnerability, what makes leaders feel vulnerable, the types of moments that can emerge from vulnerability, and much more.

It’s a truly fascinating research project and I’m almost done!

If you want to learn more about yourself as a leader and also contribute to some groundbreaking new research on vulnerability and leadership, then please take 2-3 mins to answer a few questions for me and if you can, share the survey around with some of your peers.

This is going to be the last chance for me to collect more data before the survey is closed for good and then the analysis begins.

I’ll be sharing more of my findings with you in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Vulnerability for leaders can be a tremendous superpower but it has to be done and approached in the right way.

Thank you,