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Of all the skills needed to succeed in the future of work, the most important is this: learning how to learn.

With an increasing pace of change and an abundance of information, employees and leaders must be lifelong learners. Perpetual learning isn’t about sitting idly by and letting new things come to you; it’s about actively seeking out new things, people, and ideas.

Being a lifelong learner is an active pursuit that can enrich your career and life in many ways.

Here are three pillars to being a lifelong learner:

Learning on an Ongoing Basis
Formal learning that happens in schools and universities is just the beginning. Perpetual learners are constantly learning in many ways, both through formal education and training programs, but also through non-formal learning from books and podcasts and even through experiential learning as they try new things and immerse themselves in the evolving world of work.

Constantly Applying What You Learn
Learning doesn’t do much if you don’t actually apply what you learn. Perpetual learning includes more than just work-related content—it can be used personally or professionally. True lifelong learners constantly apply their new knowledge to solve problems or identify new opportunities.

Understanding the Results and Feedback from Applying What You’ve Learned
As you apply what you learn, pay attention to any feedback you receive or conversations it starts. Being a lifelong learner means opening yourself up to continually change, improve, and grow, and the people around you will likely take notice. Take note of the feedback and results that come from your new knowledge and use that as an opportunity to start new conversations and build off your original learning.

Lifelong learning is truly the pursuit of a lifetime. The process is never fully done as you continue to learn, apply, and evaluate new things. Success in the future of work comes from being a perpetual learner and continuously finding new ways to learn and grow.

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