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As a mom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with your many responsibilities. You’re in charge of not only your kids, but also your career, life, and personal goals. And that becomes even more difficult during a global pandemic.

My wife Blake made a video about this which you can see below. If you want more content like this then make sure to subscribe to the Be Your Own Boss Podcast Youtube Channel where Blake and I teach you how you can be your own boss.

Blake knows what it’s like—she had a baby during the pandemic and has two busy little kids and two growing businesses. Here are 11 tips for moms to avoid burnout that Blake personally uses every day:

1. Put your mask on first. On an airplane, passengers are told to put their oxygen masks on first before helping others. The same is true for mothers. Moms often carry the emotions for the entire family and tend to put themselves last. Take care of yourself so you can better fulfill your responsibilities.

2. Take time for reflection. You might not have time to write in a journal, but you can record a daily voice memo about what you’re going through and how you’re feeling. It feels good to reflect and get things off your chest. Over time, you’ll be able to see patterns in your emotions.

3. Discipline your kids. It’s ok to set boundaries and tell your kids no. When we don’t say no to our kids, we’re really saying no to ourselves.

4. Let your spouse help. When possible, share the load with your partner. They might not do things exactly how you would, but give up some control so you don’t feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

5. Stop trying to make everything perfect. Life is messy—embrace it. It’s ok if your house is messy or if there are dishes in the sink. Not everything needs to be perfect.


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6. A little screen time is ok. Letting your kids watch a show doesn’t make you a bad parent. It’s worse for kids to have stressed parents who fight than to watch a little show.

7. It’s ok if you don’t have your makeup done. There’s so much pressure for women to look perfectly made up on video calls. It’s ok to not turn your video on or to not have full hair and makeup. Worry about your mental health and energy instead of meeting other people’s expectations.

8. Moving your body is critical. It’s your responsibility to move the machine that houses your brain and heart. Go for a walk, exercise, or lift weights. When you feel strong, you act strong. Do things that physically make you stronger.

9. Good sleep hygiene is critical. Poor sleep throws off everything else in your life. Evaluate your daytime actions to find what’s causing you to struggle sleeping—turn off screens, stick to a bedtime, or limit caffeine to sleep better.

10. Single task when you can. Being pulled in so many directions at once is stressful and doesn’t lead to quality work. Even with your many responsibilities as a mom, single task when you can. Write down all your tasks and focus on one thing at a time.

11. Acknowledge that this is just a very hard time. You aren’t alone—everyone is struggling. Give yourself grace and remember that everyone else is facing similar challenges.

Being a mom is incredibly rewarding, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t also challenging and overwhelming. Take care of yourself and build these habits into your routine to be your best self and avoid burnout.


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