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The Center for Creative Leadership asked 247 executives about the trends in leadership. These are the 10 trends; to read the full document click on the link above.

  • The Rise of Complex Challenges
    • Current challenges are more complex than they were just 5 years ago
  • The Innovation Revolution
    • Everyone is looking for the next big thing
  • The Art of Virtual Leadership
    • For various locales, functional departments, and cultures; communication is key
  • Collaboration Nation
    • Collaborative strategies and technologies, most talk about it, few act.
  • The World of Interruption
    • How do you keep from getting interrupted?
  • Authenticity is the Next Celebrity
    • Maintain values, beliefs, and personality, all the time
  • Fallout from Baby Boom and Filling the Leadership Void
    • What does the exit of the baby boom mean to organizations?
    • There will be a shortage of leaders
  • Leadership for Longevity
    • The healthier the leader is the more effective he/she is perceived to be
  • What’s Next?
    • The most mentioned “next” trend is participation. Focus on the team rather than the individual