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Wordcamp San Francisco 2009

Posted by on June 1, 2009

This was my first Wordcamp and I had a great time.  I took some great videos which I will put up tomorrow, today you just get pictures.  The event was held at the UCSF conference center in San Francisco from around 9-5 pm with a great after party.  WordPress had a whole bbq setup during lunch and had snacks and coffee going throughout the day.  The wifi was working the whole time (which is more that I can say for certain micro-blogging platforms!).   So without further adieu, pictures!

tim ferriss wordcamp san francisco 2009

Tim Ferriss provided the opening keynote address and discussed why he blogs and provided some tips for how people should approach blogging, the most important takeaway was have fun with what you’re doing.  If blogging feels like a chore then you’re not going to have a successful blog!

matt cutts wordcamp san francisco 2009

Matt Cutts, the head of spam at Google gave bloggers some great SEO tips and also explained what Page Rank is.  Matt was actually a pretty entertaining speaker, who would have thought 🙂

tara hunt wordcamp san francisco 2009

Miss Tara Hunt talking about what she knows best, social capital.  For those of you that don’t know, she just released her new book called The Whuffie Factor

chris pirillo wordcamp san francisco 2009

Another entertaining speaker, Chris Pirillo explains to everyone where you can find real community…in the heart, I know, it’s touching!

dave mcclure wordcamp san francisco 2009

The man of 500 hats, Mr Dave Mcclure, currently of the Founders Fund (VC)

automatic wordcamp san francisco 2009

At the “Automatic” WordPress Wordcamp San Francisco 2009 after party (phew).  This is a picture of the venue before it got packed!

wordcamp san francisco 2009 party

For those that don’t know I have a little problem with chocolate, I can’t stop eating it.  Well this is one of several tables they had set up at the party.  Here we have cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate covered biscotti; and so I did what anyone else would do…ate myself into a chocolate food coma.

wordpress wordcamp cupcakes san francisco 2009

Yes, those are wordpress cupcakes!  I didn’t eat one though, no chocolate!

wordpress party san francisco 2009

Another tables of goodness: starbursts, cherries, chocolate covered marshmallows, biscotti, and mints…mmm

After this party I headed over to Le Colonial for the Operation Smile party which was also a lot of fun.  Met some amazing people and ended getting home around 2am which means I had a good time.

Hope you enjoyed the pics, until next year!

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