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What You Can Learn About Enterprise Collaboration from the American Hospital Association

Posted by on July 4, 2011

A few weeks ago at Enterprise 2.0, I had the privilege of meeting Karthik Chakkarapani from the American Hospital Association who actually presented at the conference.  I, unfortunately, was not able to attend but I did have several conversations with Karthik who sent me his presentation, which I think is just great!

Karthik walked through what his organization was doing and also shared a few interesting frameworks, concepts and processes which he and his team used to make strategic decisions such as vendor selection.  Here are a few screenshots which you can take back with you to your organization.  I highly recommend that you take a thorough read through his presentation.  There are a few clickable links in the presentation which walk through a vendor selection checklist which most organizations will find extremely valuable so make sure you click on those links!

Here Karthik outlined the entire landscape for their social intranet and collaboration architecture.  You can clearly see how everything roles up into the single social intranet dashboard which in this case was Socialtext.

This is a simple map of how the basic security and architecture of the platform worked.  Symplified in this case is a single sign-on appliance.  You can see how everything connects together.

This slide shows how the social and collaborative features of Socialtext are used to align strategies and projects together.  The actual presentation provides more context around this.

Overall, I think this presentation provides organizations with some solid and tangible action items and takeaways.  What do you think, did you find this useful?

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