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What does Twitter do with Our Conversations?

Posted by on January 31, 2009


What happens to a conversation on a microblogging platform such as twitter? If I have a conversation with you about chess and we exchange a few tweets, then what? The conversation is lost, not indexed or searchable in any way. What if twitter allowed for everyone who’s talking about the same thing to be a part of the same conversation? Right now twittter is like a global chat room and conversation occur on a 1-1 basis or on a many to 1 basis.

Twitter should add a feature that allows for the categorization or organization of conversations. If I want to jump into a conversation with 30 other chess enthusiasts, I should be able to do so, but I can’t. There is a lot of information that is flowing around on twitter but it’s not being utilized. We have to rely on third party sites and applications that allow us do do things with twitter that twitter doesn’t allow us to do. So what could twitter do with all of the conversations?

  • allow me to search conversations based on category and allow me to see who else is participating in the conversation
  • trend the most popular conversations/discussions on twitter, almost like a google trends
  • allow me to tag or bring in other people into the conversation that I think can add value and information
  • a possible business model could be to create a market place around conversations with related products and services
  • allow for conversations to carry over from one platform to another

What are your ideas?  What could twitter do with all of the conversations that are going on online that goes beyond just using twitter search to search for keywords?  What if twitter became something like socialmedian but with instant communication?  It seems like there is a unique opportunity to make the most out of the conversations online, what will twitter do?  what would you like them to do?

  • Liz

    Aren't 1 and 2 done through hashtags, and 3 is just what you can do on Twitter anyway?

    And I can get my twitterfeed to follow me, say to my blog or facebook status, so isn't 5 covered too?

  • dhp

    This is what #tags (hash tag) are for!

  • dhp

    We are working on an “intranet-like” micro-blogging for small groups or corporate too! 😉

  • Jack

    you could do that with #hashtags

  • jacob morgan

    let me respond to all of you who are mentioning hashtags. hashtags are a way for users to create their own conversation threads, however there is no organization to them, you can have tons of hashtags for the same topic. also, you cannot engage in conversation simultaneously with several people.

    hashtags are a good way to tag your content to track information, but as far as making a categorized organized structure it falls short. not only that, but as far as I know hashtags is a 3rd party site that does not belong to twitter. i want to see twitter doing something with our conversations.

    thanks for all of your responses

  • This is really a very live conversation. I like it. I have passed a very good time with this page. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is really a very live conversation. I like it. I have passed a very good time with this page. Thanks for sharing.