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Webinar on Enterprise 2.0: If You Build it Will They Come?

Posted by on March 23, 2010

On March 25th at 10am PST I’m going to be delivering a webinar on Enterprise 2.0 for the New Communications Collaborative (the folks behind the New Comm. Forum and the Society for New Communications Research).  The webinar is going to focus around introducing everyone to concept of Enterprise 2.0 while discussing some challenges and requirements that are needed to make it work effectively.

I feel like Enterprise 2.0 space has still been very much under the radar so I want to do what I can to help increase the amount of exposure to this very interesting area of business.  Here is the description of the webinar:

“Web 2.0 technologies have become a big part of everyone’s lives. We are now beginning to see the emergence of Enterprise 2.0; the permeation of Web 2.0 behind the firewall. What are the core benefits of Web 2.0 and collaboration behind the firewall? How can companies successfully address the challenges associated with Enterprise 2.0, and what needs to happen to make sure adoption is there? What are the requirements of Enterprise 2.0, and how does it change the way a company operates? Join Jacob Morgan for a discussion of these key issues in this complimentary webinar.”

Here’s the agenda for the event:

  • What is Enterprise 2.0?
  • Business challenges that E2.0 solves
  • E2.0 hurdles to overcome
  • Phases of E2.0
  • Vistaprint Case Study
  • Key takeaways

Of course the event is free and should give you a lot of interesting information to think about.  I’d love to see you there!

  • Sam

    Sounds interesting. But I couldn't be annoyed having to find a US telephone number to register for the event seeing I'm in the UK so hopefully there'll be a recorded version somewhere.

  • Sam

    Sounds interesting. But I couldn't be annoyed having to find a US telephone number to register for the event seeing I'm in the UK so hopefully there'll be a recorded version somewhere.

  • Enterprise 2.0 seems to be interesting and something new to learn….. 

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