This week’s video is all about finding ways to motivate yourself at work. How do you find it within yourself to push forward and keep going?

There are three things I frequently use to motivate myself. They are:

-Set goals
-Find meaning
-Reward yourself

Setting goals is a really important habit to get into. You can set goals daily, weekly, monthly–whatever works for you. I usually set daily goals for myself so that at the start of each day I know what I absolutely need to get done. Then if I have additional time and energy after those items are done I can get other things done as well. But this ensures that I get the critical things done in a timely manner.

Sometimes it is hard to find meaning in what you are doing. So what are some small steps you can take to find the meaning in your work? Find opportunities within your organization that allow you to do what you like, remind yourself through stories how your work is impacting the world around you, and build relationships with people around you.

Rewarding yourself is another effective way to stay motivated. Whether you are celebrating a little victory or overcoming a huge task, find ways to reward yourself. Maybe you take yourself out to eat, you buy something you’ve been wanting, or you just mentally give yourself a pat on the back.

These are just some examples of what I use frequently, you have to find what works for you. What keeps you motivated to keep pushing forward at work?

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