This is a special and exclusive episode which is actually one of the interviews I did for my upcoming book, Leading with Vulnerability: Unlock Your Greatest Superpower to Transform Yourself, Your Team, and Your Organization.

Today’s episode features Roel Vestjens, Former CEO of Belden, who has been an integral part of the company for 16 years. Throughout his journey, Vestjens has built a formidable team under his leadership. Roel opens up about a pivotal moment in his career when he moved to Asia and chose to forgo a cultural sensitivity class. This decision led to embarrassing situations where he unintentionally disrespected local customs and norms. From this experience, he learned the importance of being open about not having all the answers and seeking input from others.

Vestjens believes that vulnerability in leadership means being humble and recognizing one’s gaps in knowledge and perspective while remaining receptive to learning from others. He emphasizes the significance of sharing personal aspects of oneself in a professional setting to humanize the leadership approach and avoid appearing arrogant. However, he also emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries.

Today’s episode teaches us the power of vulnerability in leadership and how embracing our humanity can lead to stronger, more compassionate, and effective leadership in the corporate world.

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