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When was the last time you made a mistake?

We all make a lot of mistakes in life—in business, in relationships, in careers, and in our life choices.

But a mistake is really just a mental construct. Instead, I like to think of these experiences as learning moments.

Thinking of a failure as a mistake makes it the end of the road or a stopping point. Instead, thinking of it as a learning moment opens the door to learn, grow, and improve from the experience.

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When I started speaking professionally, the first few speeches I gave weren’t good. But instead of viewing those experiences as mistakes and giving up, I asked myself what didn’t go well with the speech and what I could do better. I used failure as a chance to get feedback and improve, and now I have a thriving speaking career.

The same thing happens whenever I create a piece of content that doesn’t resonate or a new product that doesn’t get sales. I look at what went wrong and how I can change it next time.

When you try a new recipe, it often takes multiple times to get it just right. You may be off with a few ingredients or not bake it at the right temperature. But every time the recipe doesn’t work out, you taste it and know how to adjust until you get the dish to turn out just right.

It’s the same in business. After you make a mistake, you don’t stop and give up. You ask what you can learn from it and apply it to the next iteration.

There’s no such thing as mistakes—just learning moments.

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