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What this episode is about and why you should care

In this episode of the Future of Work podcast my guest is Jeffrey Rodman, the co-founder of Polycom. Many of you are familiar with Polycom and, in fact, have used their products. They became famous for their speaker phones found in the conference rooms of most organizations. Jeff and I talk about the role of technology in collaboration. It’s no secret that technology is obviously one of the biggest driving factors that is enabling collaboration today. It’s a topic covered in my first book, The Collaborative Organization; and is also explored in my new book, The Future of Work. Collaboration is a huge theme ─ one that organizations are continuously spending more time and resources investing in. In this episode, Jeff and I explore many topics including differences in collaboration between smaller and larger organizations; and the concept of office space and do we still need offices. We cover Millennials, freelancers and the contingent workforce; and how collaboration plays a role in connecting these different types of employees. We also talk the about challenges associated with collaboration. And, Jeff takes us through some of the cool technologies that he’s working on at Polycom. We conclude with Jeff’s advice to organizations, managers and employees who are looking to improve collaboration within their organization. Tune in for a great discussion with Jeff Rodman on the role of technology in collaboration!

What you will learn in this episode

  • A snapshot of Rodman’s background, and the history of Polycom
  • Why is collaboration a big challenge to organizations and factors organizations need to think about
  • Rodman’s views on today’s workspaces and how Polycom is addressing the challenges
  • Rodman’s perspective on flexible work and the role corporate culture plays in collaboration
  • Insights on the impact of freelancers and contingent workforce, Millennials, and other groups on collaboration
  • Is collaboration different for smaller vs larger organizations
  • Rodman’s insights on the future of technology in collaboration
  • Rodman’s views on internal social networks
  • Rodman’s advice to managers and business leaders as well as employees
  • Rodman’s 10 yr. forecast of the typical work day that includes collaboration technology
  • Final thoughts

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