Did you ever get any human resources training? (I hate the name by the way!)

Did anyone even tell you that you work in human resources? Well…you do.

No matter your department or job title, if you’re a leader, you work in HR.

Not only that, you’re actually the most important person in HR.

We’ve always thought of HR as doing everything related to people–recruiting, hiring, firing, benefits, compensation, etc.

And while HR is responsible for those areas, it isn’t the only group that needs to think about people. As a leader, you are responsible for your people. And that is an HR responsibility.

Leaders have incredible power and impact over their employees. Their positive influence can lead to employees feeling valued and empowered at work, which extends to their feelings outside of work. But a leader who crushes their employees’ spirits at work also impacts how employees feel and act outside of work.

As a leader, you have to know your people as humans, not just employees. Know what they care about and value, their strengths and weaknesses, and their aspirations.

When you understand your people as actual people, you can unlock their potential and help them succeed.

That’s not an HR responsibility–it’s a leader’s responsibility.

People don’t leave companies; they leave leaders.

As a leader, you are the most crucial person in HR. Your influence on your people will impact their time at the company, their career, and their life at home.

. . .

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