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What this episode is about and why you should care

The future of recruiting and retaining top talent is changing.   With new developments in employee engagement, the gig economy, and the rise of Millennials and Generation Z in the workforce, organizations are adapting their methods to find and maintain the best employees. Today, I speak with Mike Preston the Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte.  Deloitte underwent a mass career customization framework, focused on strength based development.  While Deloitte has never had a Chief Human Resources Officer by that name, the Talent Officer title reflects how their employees are viewed.  The people who work for their company, the talent, are the most important component. While this title may have always been the standard at Deloitte, this just shows how they are ahead of the curve in regards to the future of work. Many other organizations are changing the title of their Human Resources departments to reflect the focus on employees themselves.

Deloitte is the world’s largest professional services organization.  Involved in traditional services such as accounting and tax services, an advisory and consultant component, they are also growing into areas such as digital and products.  Globally, Deloitte has 225,000 employees.  Mike is the Chief Talent Officer for the entire firm.  Mike is responsible for driving the talent strategy for all of Deloitte’s employees and partners.  This encompasses developing culture, compensation, recruiting, and all aspects of the life cycle of the employee.  Mike describes in detail the trends in talent, how fast change happens with new developments in technology.  Looking at talent as an ecosystem, it is fascinating to see how new ways engaging employees, such as incorporating an internal freelance economy, contribute to the future of talent.

What you will learn in this episode

  • What having a Chief Talent Officer means
  • The Talent Landscape
  • The Open Talent Economy
  • What will the Future of Talent look like?
  • Millennials and Management
  • Flexible and Distributed Work
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Inclusion and Cognitive Diversity
  • Advice for employees and managers in the future of talent

Links from the episode

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