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What’s the most important part of being a successful leader?

It isn’t being the smartest person, the loudest, or the most famous.

It’s all about being purposeful.

According to Hubert Joly, former CEO of Best Buy, purposeful leaders understand the purpose of the people around them and know what drives them. Instead of just chasing money and power, purposeful leaders look beyond themselves to serve people and create a better world.

Here are the five Bs of purposeful leadership:

Be clear about your purpose as a human being
Before you can help other people find their purpose, you need to understand your purpose. What drives you in life? How do you want to be remembered? What do you want to contribute?

Be clear about who you serve as a leader
Leaders work for other people, not for themselves. Your focus should be on the people around you. Purposeful leaders look for ways to serve their people and improve their lives.

Be clear about your role as a leader
Understanding your purpose can help define your role. As a leader, your role isn’t to be a dictator or know everything. Your role is to create an environment in which others can be successful.

Be a value-driven leader
Purposeful leaders follow their personal set of morals and are ethical and transparent. They have integrity and can be trusted.

Be an authentic leader
People connect with leaders who are real and not hiding behind their position or an aura of superiority. You have to be able to be vulnerable and genuinely connect with people around you. Get in the trenches with your employees to build real relationships.

Purposeful leaders are the people who create great environments for their employees, who help their communities, and who lift and support the people around them. If you want to be a successful leader, you have to be purposeful.