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The internet of things is a big topic that consumers and companies alike are exploring. This idea of connecting billions of devices to each other and to ourselves is a fascinating thing to think about. Imagine your alarm clock telling your coffee maker to when to brew our favorite roast or your outlook calendar syncing with your car to notify you when you need to head out, what the traffic will be like, and what route to take. What about a jet engine that self diagnosis itself and sends a report to an engineer. We already see this connectivity with wearable fitness devices that connect to our scales or smartphones that connect to our home appliances and light bulbs. This is just the beginning!

I wrote about this in much more depth over on my Forbes column which I definitely recommend you read.

Over at the FOWCommunity (where we explore all things related to the future of work) we decided to put together a little infographic to help add some clarity to this rapidly changing and growing area. Hope you find it to be a valuable and informative resource, fee free to share it around!

The Internet of Things Infographic 05