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Talent Practices For The 21st Century

Posted by on January 10, 2016

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Ellyn Shook 01

What this episode is about and why you should care

Today’s Future of Work podcast guest is Ellyn Shook, the Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer of Accenture.  Accenture is a global professional services organization and has over 360,000 around the world.  Their mission is to help improve the way the world works and lives, and lead the digital disruption on behalf of their clients. Ellyn is responsible for leading the global team of human resources experts, who aim to deliver exceptional employee experiences for Accenture’s people.  Today, we speak on talent practices for the 21st century.  Accenture believes that the growth of their people, leads to the growth of their business.

Ellyn has been with Accenture since 1988 and became a partner in 2003. She is also on a number of boards including the advisory board of Women in Business at Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and the Women’s Leadership Board of the Women and Public Policy program at Harvard’s Kennedy School.  Ellyn is helping lead how the workplace is changing, not just as Accenture, but around the world as well.


What you will learn in this episode

  • Importance of Experimenting and Testing Ideas in the Workplace
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Customized Experiences for Employees
  • Changes in Annual Reviews, Bonuses, and Career Progression
  • The Role of HR and Evolution
  • How Companies are Moving Away From Multi Year Implementation Programs
  • How Accenture is Crowd-sourcing Ideas


Links from the episode

Ellyn Shook on Twitter

Ellyn Shook – Huffington Post

  • Andrew Bishop

    Kudos to Ellyn Shook for leading these changes at Accenture.
    It may be worthy of note, Jacob, that the notion of eliminating annual reviews is firmly rooted in the 20th century – it is (a sub-point of) one of Dr. W. Edward Deming’s emphatic 14 principles of management. The future of work is still catching up with this thought leader!