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Subscribe to This Facebook List of Enterprise Collaboration Vendors For News and Insights

Posted by on November 6, 2012

A few weeks ago I spoke at a conference in Arizona with Robert Scoble.  I also spent some time with Robert over the course of the few days we were there together.  Robert stopped blogging a few months ago and even though his blog always did well, he shifted his attention over to Facebook which has inspired me to do the same.

Most people use Facebook as a way to simply stay in touch with people but the value can go far beyond that (for example check out the list of enterprise collaboration vendors I created).  With over a billion users and the ability to quickly get out content, create lists, and stay up to date on relevant information; Facebook is becoming far more than just a social networking utility and it’s about time I take advantage of that.

So as of now I’m going to start leveraging Facebook as a way to also focus on the area of collaboration that I write about here.  This blog is great for longer articles but for my points of view on various things happening in the industry, insights, news, and other more digestible pieces of content, I’m going to be focusing on Facebook.  For example, I recently wrote a few paragraphs about the Jive acquisition of and Producteev as well as the partnership between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Moxie Software but in order to see that you will have to subscribe to my Facebook updates.

I also recently created a list of enterprise collaboration vendors that you can subscribe to in order to stay on top of what is happening in the industry.  I will be providing my commentary and opinions on many of these happenings as well.  I find the engagement levels on Facebook to be much higher than on a blog and it’s also much easier to create and share the content (not to mention to consume the content on any device such as an iphone).  Look forward to seeing more of your comments and interactions on Facebook as I continue to share more content on collaboration!

  • Engagement may be higher on Facebook, but my priority is to drive traffic to my website. Of course I share my posts and others on Facebook, but my blog is still central. Thanks for the list!