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My Interview on Blog Talk Radio About Social Media ROI

Posted by on July 23, 2009


(pic taken of me in China with…a blue thing)

I had the pleasure of being the guest of Ty Downing and Tim Moore on Blog Talk Radio to discuss social media ROI. We only had around 15-20 mins so there was definitely stuff left out. I wish I had more talk to talk about ROI and marketing accountability, but alas; next time.  We did get a chance to talk about some key ROI issues though, specifically:

  • One of the biggest problems with ROI is that organizations don’t have the tools and metrics in place to measure/track ROI or impact.  There is no foundation.
  • The currency in ROI keeps shifting.  Think of high school Algebra, what you do to one side of the equation you must do to the right, if the left side of the equation is a dollar amount, then guess what the right side of the equation needs to be.
  • In general, expectations in the social media space are not managed properly.  Social media takes time, a lot of time.  You can’t spend 30 mins a day on social media and expect to see dramatic results.  Social media is also not free, sure you don’t have to pay for some of the actual tools you use, but that’s just one aspect of social media; not to mention the time you need to put in.

We also talked about a few other key issues but I’ll let you listen to the interview and hear them for yourself, I had a great time.  Thanks Tim!

Just click play below and enjoy!

  • husnain

    “They have great topics like this one on radio and donate 30% to charity! Check them out.”

  • husnain

    “They have great topics like this one on and donate 30% to charity! Check them out.”

  • Thanks for sharing your experience and that the topic that you'd talk about.. I agree with you that social media is not free.. It is kind of a tricky one but if you will just realize the time you've spend in looking a social media, you will know that you are spending time to much..

  • great post

  • great post