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How and why is leadership changing and what does it take to be a successful leader?

To answer this question I spoke with over 140 CEOs around the world from organizations like Best Buy, Accor, Oracle, Verizon, KPMG, Unilever, Audi, and many others.

These CEOs collectively identified 6 trends which are shaping leadership, both today and in the future. If you want to download a copy of the PDF which features all 6 of these trends you can do that here.

Employees are the cornerstone of every organization, and their power is increasing.

Companies used to be able to entice new talent with a high paycheck, but today’s employees care about more than just money. They want to work for an organization that can provide purpose and meaning and say it is more important than their salary.

This trend has only grown during the pandemic. Research from McKinsey found that COVID has caused nearly two-thirds of U.S.-based employees to reflect on their purpose in life. Nearly half of employees say they are reconsidering the kind of work they do because of the pandemic.

The purpose is the intention of the job. Your purpose creates an impact or outcome, which then drives meaning, or why you do what you do.

Purpose and meaning are two different, but very important, parts of the equation. Meaning is the personal impact of each employee’s work. Employees want to work for an organization that is doing good in the world, but they also want to see the direct impact of how their work contributes to the overall goals. 70% of employees say their sense of purpose is defined by their work.

Leaders set the tone for the purpose and meaning in the company by creating a culture that prioritizes more than just money. Leaders need to realize their own meaning before they can help employees do the same. Finding each employee’s meaning involves getting to know them, finding their motivation, and working to build relationships and achieve that motivation.

What you can do now:

  • Understand your job, purpose, impact, and meaning. Even if you aren’t yet in a leadership role, you can work to find the meaning of your work. How is what you do contributing to the larger goals of the company?
  • Get to know your colleagues and leaders as individuals. Learn about their unique motivations that drive their purpose and meaning.

Companies of the future can no longer think that they can just exist … significant companies of the future cannot just exist in this little bread box, in this isolated place. We are a part of greater society and a greater society is a part of us. I think the trend of when and how we engage in the bigger societal issues will continue to be a part of the future of leadership.” Bernard Tyson, former chairman and CEO of Kaiser

. . .

There are 6 trends that are transforming leadership forever do you know what they are and are you ready for them? Download the PDF to learn what these 6 trends are and what you should be doing about each one of them. These are crucial for your leadership and career development in the future of work!