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Posted by on August 20, 2013


For the past few months Connie and I have been working on a few big things.  This new site is one of them. and will now be pointing here to  As you can undoubtedly tell, this site is very different than its predecessors and there’s good reason for that.  Over the past year or so I distanced myself from the whole “social business” meme and have begun focusing much more on “the future of work” which is exactly what I want this site to be about.

There are a few key things to point out about this new site.

Even the though the content of the site won’t really be changing I wanted to focus on breaking it up into three distinct areas: strategy, culture, and technology (there will also be a “more” section which will have some other less primary categories).  You will see the icons representing each one of these areas next to each blog post and on the top of the website.  This will make it easy for readers to consume the content on the site.  I am also going to have “featured posts” for each one of these topics, which you can find in the sidebar.  Here I will include what I believe to be the most important or crucial articles on these respective topics.

I also wanted to make the content more consumable so in addition to including the usual social icons for each blog I’m also making it easier for the posts to be printed, emailed, or viewed on a kindle device.  The site has also been optimized for mobile.  All of this means that the content can be consumed on any device and easily shared with anyone, even if it’s printed on a sheet of paper. The email newsletter is also more prominently featured.

The next major thing is the focus on three key area which are prominent on the homepage: working together, speaking at events and conferences, and my book.  I wanted to make it very easy for visitors to explore potential ways for us to collaborate and I think this does the job nicely.

Other things include:

  • Complete new look, feel, brand, and design
  • Inclusion of my Forbes column in the sidebar
  • Featured a few recent resources in the sidebar

I’m very excited for the new site.  There might be a few bugs that show up over the next few days so if you see anything that doesn’t work properly or looks a bit wonky then please let me know so that I can get it fixed ASAP.  Thanks for reading and for your continued support, it’s very much appreciated!

  • Adi

    Looks nice Jacob, I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  • Thanks for the kind words Adi, much appreciated and glad we are now connected.