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What this episode is about and why you should care

If the last 20 years was all about digitization and the rise of the internet, what is next?  This is the subject Alec Ross covers in his new book, The Industries of the Future.  If you regularly listen to The Future of Work podcast, then you know what a huge topic the future is.  Alec spent the last few years writing his book, drawing on his experience, and bringing in stories and background from all over the globe.  Alec wanted to cover many topics, pulling them all together in the centralized theme.  This leads to a thorough examination of the future of work that goes beyond the standard topics such as robots and automation.

Alec is one of today’s leading experts on innovation and technology.  He is currently a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at John Hopkins University. Previously, he was the Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the duration of her term as Secretary of State.  Alec also advises startups, and is inspired by people who can imagine and invent the future.  He is a big believer in what the entrepreneurs of today are doing. In the Podcast, Alec discusses what he is most optimistic for.  He describes people being enslaved to an employer, while it works for some, sucks the independence out of people.  Many people want more choice and independence, and he feels the recent work marketplaces and predisposition of millennials will change the future of work for the better.

Topics covered in this podcast range from cybersecurity to big data, to the commercialization of genomics. Changes in the workplace will come rapidly, and adaptation is key.  Lifelong learning and professional development, not only for leaders, but employees is necessary for thriving in the industries of the future.  Alec shares his advice on the best way to push these types of programs in the workplace. Alec also has great advice for employees on becoming a global worker to advance in their professional careers.

What you will learn in this episode

  • What the Industries of the Future are going to be
  • Alec’s work with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as Senior Advisor for Innovation
  • Trends that Alec sees are shaping the future of work
  • What Alec is least optimistic about in the future of work
  • Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare and its effect on everyone
  • Robots and Automation, how it will really effect jobs
  • How to be proactive when filling skills gaps
  • The Importance of Genomics
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain technology
  • Big Data vs Privacy in the workplace
  • Trends for the future of work by environment, job type, and geography and culture

Links from the episode

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