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If You Love Something or Someone do You Let it Go or Keep it?

Posted by on May 29, 2010

We’ve all heard the saying right?  “If you love something or someone then let it go and if it/they come back to you then it was mean to be.”  I had an interesting conversation with a friend about this lately and quite honestly I’m not too sure I agree with that saying.  First of all, if you love something or someone that much then why would you ever want to let it (or them?) go?  That just seems a bit silly in my opinion.  Life is short and you only live once so why bother playing these games with yourself?  It’s not everyday that you find something or someone that you truly love so when you do, you better make sure to hang on to it tightly with both hands (and feet).  Some people go through their entire life without finding someone or something that they love.

What if you do let something or someone go and they never return?  Does that really mean it was never meant to be?  Absolutely not, maybe it was meant to be but your silly self let it go and ended it.  Of course there is no right or wrong answer, it’s more of a question on how you live your life so I’m curious to hear what you think.

In my opinion if you truly find something or someone that you love you should cherish it/them and hang on to it.  You love things and people for a reason, they make you happy and in a sense give you a feeling of completion and that the world makes sense.  Letting go of something or someone like that is silly.

  • Well Jacob, it sounds like you've already made up your mind. 🙂 Go for it!

  • Artist

    What if you are happily married and you met a kindered spirit that you have fallen in love with? Where is the moral side of the coin?

  • Chandok_simran

    Hey Jacob I kinda disagree with u on this one yes you hold on to sum1 you truly love but what if that person doesn't wanna be held back, then what??
    Its like trying to hold sand in your fist, the tighter you try to hold it the faster it slips through your fingers…..

  • Anonymous

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  • Derek

    Words written by an immature soul, impetuous and impatient in his life quest.

  • Anonymous

    I love your idea here Jacob, I think that statement  about ‘if you love something let it go’ is more toward relationships that are stagnating and not allowing growth and where it’s not healthy, perhaps too clingy, jealous etc…

    We recently had to give up one of our two kittens and I’m finding it very, very difficult to not just go back to the shelter and get her because I do love her, but letting her go to a more appropriate environment, by being adopted with a family with children and/or more space, that’s what I must concentrate on.  It would feel nice to keep her with her sister kitty, but since her personality was more suited to the outdoors (i.e. frisky-to-aggressive hunter, not able to litter train, etc.) it’s better.

    Our remaining kitten is much more mellow, not too much of a hunter and has already mastered the litterbox, but I still have a sad, sore spot where the little warrior lives, but again, I know that she’ll go to a good home on a farm or with kids and that will be good for her. 

    That said, I fully agree about it for human relationships that when they’re good, work at it, make it happen and never completely let go, just be open and let them fill your life with wonder 😉

    • Flstf

      I must agree with this. The same thing happened to me with puppie(s). I was single and working crazy shifts, so the poor dog was alone most of the time. But rather than taking them to the shelter, I put an ad in the paper and inspected her new home before I let her go.

  • Dr_salmakhaled

    i think this statment say only in one case if you have any thing to keep it and it out of your hand to do any thing the only action to take it by let it go
    or may it say just to relieve you when you lost someone not more by convinced you it not for you just analgesic to you

  • Flstf

    Well let’s see, I’ve let many girls go for this reason. Some, if not all, of them broke my heart to some degree. But now I’m a stronger person from it, and I have found my life partner (even if she is missing a tooth 😉 and a beautiful baby girl.

  • Faustino Edralin

    Difficult just difficult I wouldn’t want to test it because it would hurt either way so seems like this is an impossible question