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Companies will often do anything to stand out in the competitive world of recruiting or hiring.

But winning the war for talent doesn’t happen with flashy perks and free food. It comes from focusing on employee experience.

Employee experience is more than on-site gyms and dog-friendly offices. It means changing the core workplace practices around your people. Three environments together create the employee experience equation:

Physical Space

Physical space counts for 30% of employee experience and includes anything employees see, taste, and smell at work. To provide a great experience, make sure your organization’s values are physically manifested in the space so that the values come to life. Physical space is also crucial for remote and hybrid teams, and organizations can help employees get the most out of their workspaces, no matter where they are.


Technology is the central nervous system of an organization and accounts for 30% of employee experience. Technology allows modern companies to communicate, collaborate, and work productively. To build a great employee experience in this area, make sure employees have consumer-grade tools that help them do their jobs well. Technology should always improve the work, not get in the way.


Culture accounts for 40% of employee experience. It’s what you feel or the side effects of working for the organization. A poor culture has side effects like disengagement, stress, and boredom, but a good culture has side effects like growth and a sense of purpose and meaning.

The Great Resignation has permanently changed the war for talent. The only way to compete and win is to focus on employee experience. Use this time as an opportunity to change your workplace to serve your people better.

Experience is what wins the war for talent.

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