We used to think of leaders at the top of the pyramid telling everyone what to do.

But today, the pyramid is inverted. Successful leaders are now at the bottom propping everyone else up.

To thrive as a servant leader, you have to believe that your job is to help make other people more successful than you.

This mindset changes everything, including your attitude, behavior, and relationships. It shifts your focus from making yourself look good to instead supporting and encouraging your people to help them reach incredible heights.

When leaders practice servant leadership, it creates a service culture throughout the organization where people support and lift each other.

But how do you actually put this into practice?

Here are five practical ways to serve employees as a leader:

  1. Think about the stressors in your employees’ lives. What is causing them grief or angst at work? It could be early meetings, a long commute, or unclear expectations. Get in touch with what hurts employees.
  2. Show appreciation to your employees. More than being public and huge, recognition needs to be heartfelt. A personal note or a handshake makes employees feel seen and valued.
  3. Understand your employees as individuals, not just as workers. Employees are people. Get to know them outside of their job title.
  4. Understand the moments that matter in your employees’ lives. These are the big milestones of their lives: their first promotion, first house, new baby, etc. Understand those moments that matter and do something to create a meaningful experience to serve in those moments.
  5. Remove obstacles from your employees’ paths. Find what gets in the way and remove those obstacles if possible. Make it easier for employees to do their jobs well.

Serving employees creates a positive culture where people can thrive and grow. And it all starts by understanding your role as a leader is to make people more successful than you.

. . .

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