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It’s clear that employee experience is now the #1 people and talent imperative for organizations around the world, but what are you doing about it? I define employee experience as “creating an organization where people WANT, not NEED, to show up to work each day by focusing on three environments, culture, technology, and space.” You can see that represented below.

From a high level, culture is how employees feel working for you. Technology is about the tools and resources employees have access to in order to do their jobs, and space is exactly what it sounds like, it’s the spaces in which they work, even if this includes a home office.

This is something I have talked about for several years but the pandemic has really highlighted the importance of putting people first and it’s forcing change to finally happen. My hope is that we will never go back to “the way things used to be.”

According to my research, less than 10% of organizations do an amazing job of creating experiences for their people. It’s time we fix that!

I created an amazing resource for you called the “Quick Guide To Improving Employee Experience” which will lay the foundation for how you think about and design experiences inside of your organization. The PDF will give you all of the information and action items you can implement to start creating better experience for your people today.


Employees, leaders, and organizations around the world are transforming and as much as we talk about and hear about the great resignation, the truth is that now is the great opportunity. But only for the companies out there that going to put people first.

Click here to grab the PDF and start creating better employee experiences today.