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Google, Goggle, Gogle, Glogle, Googel…News

Posted by on July 26, 2008

digg logogoogle logo

A couple of interesting things have come out of Google recently. The first is that Google announced they are now processing over 1 trillion Urls! That’s a lot of web pages. The main problem that Google and the other search engines are going to continuously face is how to bring up the most relevant pages and how to get rid of the spam. Google has around 70% market share and considering that “Google” is now an official word in the dictionary, I would say that Google is doing quite well.  Of course the future of search still has a long way to go, now we are seeing more and more niche search sites, as well as visual search engines such as searchme, springing up from the woodwork.  It seems that even if a new search engine ever did come along, Google would just buy them out, or send assassins to destroy the company, knowing Google, they can make that happen.  The founders are Russian and I’m betting they have some KGB connections…

The second piece of news that has come out from Google is their acquisition of Digg…or not. A few days ago the word on the street was that Digg was in final stages of negotiation to sell to Google for 200 million dollars. Today Michael Arrington from Techcrunch announced that Google has walked away from the deal cold turkey, all I have to say is, wow that must really suck. Can you imagine being co founder Kevin Rose or CEO Jay Adelson, thinking that you are going to get a cool 200 million for your company, only to find out that the company that wanted to purchase you changed their mind?  Not sure why Google did not purchase Digg but rumor has it that after the Google and Digg team met, Google didn’t feel there was a good fit, maybe it’s because Kevin Rose is just obsessed with tea?…who knows.  Looks like Digg is going to have to go back out there and try to sell to someone else, heck maybe I should start negotiations with Digg hmmm?  Do I hear 5k?

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