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The one stat you need to know

Between now and the year 2050, urban growth will only continue to rise: 89 million homes and 190 billion square feet (about 17.5 billion square meters) of retail and other nonresidential space will be built in the United States alone [source: National Resources Defense Council]

What this episode is about and why you should care

In Episode 3 we explore the idea of the “smart city” and the “future city.” Songdo, a city in South Korea is already using technology, open spaces, cutting edge building design, connectivity, and a top notch transportation network to build what they are calling the city of the future. But what should other cities around the world be thinking about and what impact does being a future city have on the people that actually live there?

Deb Acosta is the chief innovation officer for the city of San Leandro where is working on transforming it into a future city. Deb shares some of her current initiatives and talks about what cities of the future will look like in the 5 and 25 years. We touch on things such the importance of cities taping into their local entrepreneurs, creating a transportation network, super high speed connectivity, business culture, and much more. This episode is not only fun and informative but will help shape your perspective on where you live and how the world is changing.

What you will learn in this episode

  • What a future city look like in 5 years versus 25 years
  • What impact the companies have on a future city
  • Will the city help change the company or does the company need to change before it can be a part of the city
  • Things that make up a future city that go beyond just having connectivity
  • How important sensors are in collecting data which is a big part of the future city
  • Challenges towards creating a future city
  • Main characteristics or qualities of a future city
  • Criteria in evaluating if a city is a future city
  • The impact that a future city has on jobs
  • What cities are future cities
  • Key driving forces for the future city

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