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Arun Chidambaram is the Global Head of Talent Analytics at Pfizer. His main area of focus is building and sustaining analytical capability within HR for large global corporations. Chidambaram has deep experiences in quantitative and visualisation methodologies, advanced analytics and research, experimentation and modelling, building collaborative and strong relationships across matrix organizations, and driving key business strategies and organisational change initiatives through workforce insights. He recently co-authored an article on TLNT titled “The Challenges in building a strong function around People Analytics function”.

Chidambaram has a background in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research with 20 years of experience in management, consulting, and human resources in positions of increasing responsibility. Prior to joining Pfizer, he held several leadership positions at Harley Davidson, Merck, and ESPN.
What is the role of leadership in People Analytics (PA)?

➢ Be patient – but efficient
➢ Holistic leadership function, you must understand every aspect of people analytics. “I lead a bunch of very smart people who are in high demand, and then I report to very smart people,” says Chidambaram.
➢ You need to keep track with where everyone else is working to make sure you are in the right place, working with the right people
➢ You need to work with many departments – and be able to collaborate effectively with each.

How big are PA teams? Chidambaram says 90% are located in HR. In some organizations, there are 3 people in the team who support specific departments. Then they each go partner with those teams and come back with projects. Once people know about the PA teams, the number of projects increases greatly.
What will be the future of PA? According to Chidambaram, if you are early in your journey, then you have to have some HR background. How decisions are made, experience dealing with confidential information, etc.

Currently Chidambaram reports to the SVP & Chief Talent Officer at Pfizer. “Eventually, it will go to its own department and CIO and CHRs will need to be driven by data.”
How do you get started? Partner with a business analytics leader, talk about privacy and using data sets. Work on projects, let your team see the benefits and then move into larger roles when the time is right.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

● What people should know about People Analytics
● The role of AI in PA
● What is the Zone of debate?
● How HR and PA work together
● What data PA looks at
● The 5 stages people in PA use
● Hypothetical situations to show how PA can be used in any organization

Link from the episode:
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