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One of the most important metrics for companies is ROI. They want to prove a return from investing in various business ventures and initiatives.

Some people say it is challenging to see the ROI of employee experience.

But when you look at companies that excel in employee experience and create engaged and empowered employees, the business value is incredible.

I’ve researched top employee experience companies and found that they crush the competition in numerous categories, including growth, productivity, and stock price.

Aside from that, employee experience leads to greater innovation, customer satisfaction, and overall happiness. It helps companies go green, build a strong employer brand, and attract and retain top talent.

What’s the reason for this? When companies focus on employee experience, they change their workplace practices to create an environment where people want to come to work. Companies remove roadblocks and bottlenecks to become more efficient and productive. Engaged employees put in their best effort and are empowered to do their jobs well. Happy employees naturally provide better service, which leads to a great customer experience.

By investing in the three employee experience areas of culture, technology, and physical space, companies are investing in countless business outcomes. Nearly everything an organization does comes back to its employee experience.

Once you start looking for it, the ROI of employee experience is easy to see. Putting people first leads to countless positive business outcomes.

. . .

Companies with better employee experiences have more engaged and productive workers, higher profits, and the ability to attract and retain talent. In today’s competitive talent landscape, companies can’t afford not to invest in employee experience. Download your copy and start creating better experiences for your employees and customers today!