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Do you want to get the most out of your day?

Do you struggle to stay productive and motivated?

It could be that you aren’t structuring your day in the right way.

Productivity is all about timing. According to Daniel Pink, best-selling author of Drive and When, we see big changes in performance based on time of day.

Instead of just plugging tasks into the day when you have time, taking a more thoughtful and intentional approach to when you do certain things can greatly increase your productivity.

Your day is divided into three periods of productivity:

Peak. This is the time when you are most energized and productive. During your peak time, it’s best to do deep work that requires you to buckle down and focus. Use this time to do tasks like crunching numbers, analyzing reports, or writing.

Trough. This is the opposite of the peak time and when you see significant drops in your performance and productivity. Use your trough time for light mental work or administrative tasks that don’t require brainpower or creativity, like data entry or answering routine emails.

Recovery. This is when your productivity is down but your mood is up, and it’s a time that provides mental looseness. The recovery period is best for creative and insightful tasks like brainstorming, problem-solving, or looking for solutions that aren’t obvious.

As you set out to plan your day, consider your energy levels and mental capacity. Try to identify the times of days when you feel productive and at peak levels and times when you are in a trough or recovery. Everyone has different timing throughout their day—the key is to find your energy periods and assign tasks accordingly.

When you use these periods to plan your day, you’ll see your productivity blossom and reach new levels.

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