This video is coming to you from Zurich, Switzerland. I just had a client meeting where the topic of this video was discussed in detail, which is all around people analytics and the future of work. People analytics is the art and science of understanding how and why your employees work. Think about all of the questions that can pertain to your employees and organization. Some questions that may come to mind are, which teams are preforming well, what is driving employee engagement, and when should employees have conversations about career advancement. Now, think about all of the answers to these questions. It could make one person’s head spin! Many organizations run into challenges when trying to figure out what to do with all of the data collected inside our organizations.

So much can be learned when this data can be broken down into useful information. This is what the emerging field of people/ data analytics is focusing on. A large part of employee experience relays on this data to help companies decide where they should put their focus on, to improve moral, attrition, and corporate culture. Some forwarding thinking organizations are creating data and HR “labs” to break down this data, analyze it, and run experiments. I believe this will become one of the main pieces of investment for our companies right now, and in the future. Treating our organizations like laboratories, instead of factories is a concept I believe in. It is amazing to see this come to fruition as more corporations are taking this approach to evolve their workplaces.

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