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8 Leadership Trends of 2024: #4 Focus On Skills NOT Jobs

For many decades we prioritized jobs over skills. If you had a degree in marketing and got a job as a marketing manager, then your career trajectory would be linear. You’d go from marketing manager to marketing director, senior director, VP, SVP, etc. Today, the trend is to focus on the skills you have and how those skills can be applied to a variety of jobs so that you can have more control over your career path.

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Stop Giving Employees “Participation Trophies” At Work

In today’s corporate world, the practice of awarding participation trophies—rewards given simply for showing up rather than for true merit—is widely debated. Originally from youth sports, this practice suggests that everyone deserves recognition just for participation, but does it actually boost motivation and productivity, or does it foster mediocrity and complacency?

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