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Are Your Presentations Boring?

Recently, I sat in on a mobile technologies presentation from a prospective vendor. They (two gentlemen) seemed smart enough, after all, they were tech savvy Phd’s. I was impressed with their qualifications and was expecting a grade “A” presentation. Instead, what I got was a

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Why Go Daddy Doesn't Get It

Technorati is currently tracking around 113 million blogs, that’s 113 million, that’s roughly one out of every three people in the United States (another 73 million in China, reference Blog Herald). With so many blogs floating around in cyberspace many people turn to platforms such

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Why Competition is a Good Thing

Many organizations around the world fear competition. They are scared that another bigger badder organization is going to come along that can offer the same features and benefits but will offer them: quicker, cheaper, with more customization, with better customer service, etc. Competition is actually

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Targeted Advertising Works

With Valentine’s day just around the corner retailers are scrambling to send out as many ads as they can. Recently, I received an e-mail from ProFlowers advertising their wonderful flower bouquets. There was something different about this advertisement though; the e-mail appeared to have been

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The Marketing Shift

There was a time, years ago, when marketers believed that targeting the masses was the most effective strategy. Large brand name companies spent millions of dollars to spam the world, and it worked. A company would advertise to millions and millions of people in hopes

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