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Online Community Best Practices

Jeremiah Owyang recently put up his findings for online community best practices. The presentation can be viewed below. Jeremiah outlines a 4-step approach to the “groundswell,” which is defined as the new trend of getting information through technology (such as twitter, blogs, etc) as opposed

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Alltop, a Valuable Resource

Guy Kawasaki recently launched, a valuable resource for anyone looking for…well pretty much anything. The site is divided up into categories; you click on a category and get a list of the most influential bloggers in that category. You can then roll over their

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Making a Case Study Out of Nothing

We’ve all had to create THAT case study. You know the one I’m talking about; it’s the case study you were asked to make in order to justify the companies most recent work. It’s the case study that talks about generating a few extra thousand

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Don't Just Say Thank You!

What are you doing with your marketing collateral? Oftentimes individuals or business do not make the most of their marketing collateral. Every presentation, document, and e-mail, is a piece of marketing collateral. When you give your client their monthly report, don’t just say “Thank You”

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SEO Meetup Event!

I had a great time at last nights SEO meet up event. It was great to have a bunch of SEO folks together to just hang out. The event was held at Medjools in San Francisco at the rooftop terrace; ya it was cold, but

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