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Branding, the Most Important Factor of

What are the most important factors that go into successful brand building. Actually, let me rephrase that. What is the most important factor that goes into successful brand building. Do you think it is your tag line, offerings, image, reputation, etc? Fifty years ago building

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Visual Search Engine for Iphone

An impressive new visual search technology called ViPR is going to allow people with an iphone to take pictures of photos, movies, books, or cds. The photo will then be sent to a sever and information will be relayed to the user along with links

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Interview with the CEO of LifeLenz, Dennis Stack

Recently I conducted an interview with the CEO/Founder of Lifelenz, Dennis Stack. Lifelenz is a social media platform dedicated to capturing life’s stories. Those of you reading this blog that understand and believe that social media is about connections and relationships, will appreciate what Lifelenz

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