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Does Your Company Have A Reason For Being?

Some organizations are great. Some organizations are not so great.

You can tell the difference between these types of organizations almost as soon as you walk into the office or sit down in an interview or meeting. Truly great organizations care about their people and create high-quality employee experiences. These are the companies that are focused not just on increasing their bottom lines, but on building communities for their employees and customers where everyone is engaged and moving forward.

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How To Bring Together IT And HR To Meet Employee Needs

Imagine walking into a car dealership and telling one of the sales representatives that you’re looking for a car. When he or she asks what you are looking for, you say that it needs to be able to fit five people, have great horsepower and torque, be painted blue, and have all the new modern features of today’s car. The dealer says they have something for you and then proceeds to wheel out a Frankenstein-like monstrosity that has five seats all on the left side of the car, a massive engine on the right side of the car, a steering wheel that’s attached to the roof, and splotchy blue paint. And they expect you to buy it! When you voice your displeasure, the dealer says the car has everything you wanted. Technically, it does meet the bill, but it is not at all what you wanted or had in mind.

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Business Leaders Discuss The Importance Of Diversity

Diversity is definitely a buzzword in today’s business world. But more than just a passing trend, diversity should be a core value of every business. Each week I talk with business experts on my podcast The Future of Work Podcast. I enjoy hearing what they have to say about important topics, and diversity is no exception. Here are a few things my recent guests have shared about why diversity is so important and the challenges that organizations face as they try to become more inclusive.

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How To Really Drive Change At Work

Long hours, bad cubicles, tedious work, toxic culture — there are a lot of reasons why people would want to make a change within their organization. Change can be something as small as getting the office supplies you need or as big as revamping the corporate culture and brand, but no matter the size, change can have a big impact on the morale, growth, and revenue of a company. Change is especially important as we march towards the future of work, as the rate of change is sure to speed up and organizations that are stuck in their ways will likely be left in the dust. But how can you really drive change within your organization that will last and keep your company at the forefront?

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Futurists Weigh In On How To Improve Workplace Training

Everyone has sat through boring workplace training sessions that seem like a waste of time and are a drain on employees. On the other side, many people have attended useful and lively trainings where they actually walk away engaged and educated, ready to apply what they’ve learned to their jobs. How can we make every training useful and engaging? That’s a question many companies face. Each week I talk with top executives, authors, and professors on my podcast, The Future of Work Podcast. Many of my guests are experts in training and learning and have shared their thoughts on how we can improve workplace training in the future.

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Is Your Company Dedicated To Employee Health And Wellness?

Workplace stress can lead to all sorts of unhealthy habits and problems that affect our bodies. Weight gain, poor eating habits, heart problems, trouble sleeping, depression, and anxiety are just a few of the common things that we can experience because of workplace stress. This keeps us from doing and being our best at work and at home. Organizations are acknowledging this shift and are doing all sorts of things to help keep employees’ minds and bodies healthy.

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Data Experts Weigh-in On The Future Of Data

Data is everywhere. From surveys and website tracking to wearable devices and people analytics, today’s world is driven by data. Things will only grow as we trek towards the future of work. Each week I talk to leading futurists on my podcast, The Future of Work Podcast, and the topic of data frequently comes up. Here are what some of my recent guests have said about data, how we can use it, and what organizations and employees need to do to better leverage it.

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Futurists Predict The Impact Of AI And What We Can Do To Prepare

AI is everywhere. Each week I chat with HR leaders, authors, and futurists on my podcast, The Future of Work Podcast, and artificial intelligence is a frequent topic. It’s on everyone’s minds and will no doubt play a large role in the future of work. Here is what a few of my guests have had to say about the potential of AI and what organizations and individuals can do to prepare for its growth.

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