There are so many conversations these days that center around AI and automation. Is it good? Is it bad? Should we be worried? Well, the truth is AI and automation will impact your job and you should let it.

Why? Our organizations were originally designed for AI, we just didn’t have the technology yet. So humans were forced to take on jobs that were boring, mundane, repetitive, and mindless. Now that we have the technology needed for AI, we can give those horrible tasks to AI and we can focus on being more human.

Humans have abilities and skills that technology could never have. Now that AI can take the boring jobs, we can focus on being creative, innovative, and empathetic. We can excel at problem-solving, communication, and networking.

Organizations don’t need to get rid of human workers, and there are many examples of organizations like McDonald’s and Accenture who are implementing AI and automation, but they are actually hiring more people than before.

We shouldn’t be scared of the AI revolution, we should embrace it.

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