About the Research

The Methodology

Research is Sponsored By:

Cisco is the world’s leading IT company on a mission to create a connected world. They have around 80,000 employees globally and have won numerous workplace awards.

Lever is modernizing the recruiting world by making it easier to track and hire candidates. They invest heavily in their own employee experience and are based in San Francisco, California.

Research Advisors

Steve King

Partner at Emergent Partners

Steve King leads research and consulting efforts focused on the small business sector of the US and global economy. Steve spent hours on the phone with Jacob providing guidance on advisory of the project and question design, methodology, data validity, and pretty much everything else to make sure Jacob doesn’t mess anything up!



Assistant Professor of Management at American University

Serge assisted in the question design, set up, and initial test data collection process. He also provided guidance and advice around methodology and the overall approach of the project.