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To succeed as an entrepreneur and as a leader, you can’t just give in to what everyone else wants you to do.

You have to set boundaries.

Without boundaries, you’ll find that your time is spent doing what others want. You’ll lose control of your personal and professional growth and go throughout the day being reactive instead of proactive.

That’s no way to live or run your business.

In this video, Blake shares three tips to set boundaries. These are things she does in her own life that put her in control of her schedule, work, and personal life.

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Setting boundaries tells the world that you value your time and your quality of life. By following these tips and setting boundaries, you can create a life and a business that you really want to have. A happier, healthier life starts by setting boundaries.

Now more than ever, people are moving from full-time employment to entrepreneurship. We are collectively realizing that the only job security that exists is the one that you create for yourself, but how? My wife Blake and I are successful entrepreneurs who both made the transition while we had full-time jobs. You can learn how here.

Download our new guide on 5 Tips For How To Become An Entrepreneurs While You Have A Full Time Job.


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