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Are your employees suffering from mediocrity?

One of a leader’s most important jobs is to make sure their employees are delivering great work.

It’s one thing to tell people what to do—it’s another to make them actually want to do it.

Here are three techniques leaders can use to get the most out of their people:

This is the pushing motion that moves employees towards greatness. You can’t motivate people until you understand what they value, but not everyone values the same things. To truly be able to motivate people, you have to get to know the people you lead as individuals, not just as cogs in the corporate machine. It’s all about human connection.

Engaging employees sustains them and keeps them going. When employees are engaged, they are much more likely to put forth their best work. Employee engagement is directly related to employee experience, which has three parts: technology, physical space, and culture. Leaders can impact each of these areas to create an engaging environment for employees.

This is the technique that pulls employees towards a better future. Being an inspiring leader includes doing both tangible and intangible things. Tangible actions include engaging in highly collaborative behavior and encouraging creative thinking. Intangible actions are sometimes harder to see but include making emotional connections with employees and championing change.

As a leader, you need to help your employees do their best work. Don’t just tell them what to do—motivate, engage, and inspire them to get the most out of your people.

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