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No matter what type of business you own, chances are a lot of it happens online.

In today’s ultra-connected world, social media is a crucial tool for building your personal brand and your business.

It can be tempting for entrepreneurs to post whatever they want, whenever they want. Take a cool picture? Post it on Instagram. Have something to say in a video? Post it on YouTube. It’s a trap I fell into when I first started using social media, but it soon became messy and chaotic.

In this video, I share the most important strategy for effective social media marketing.

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Using this strategy helps you identify the voice you want to have and the channels you want to use. It creates a consistent, strategic approach to social media. As you grow your brand online, consistency is key.

Social media is one of the best tools for building your business. Don’t leave it up to chance. Take it seriously and spend time following this top social media strategy. Your effort will pay off with effective social media marketing and incredible opportunities to build your brand and business.

Now more than ever, people are moving from full-time employment to entrepreneurship. We are collectively realizing that the only job security that exists is the one that you create for yourself, but how? My wife Blake and I are successful entrepreneurs who both made the transition while we had full-time jobs. You can learn how here.

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