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Hal Halladay 03


What this episode is about and why you should care

My guest this week for the Future of Work podcast is Hal Halladay, the Chief People Officer at Infusionsoft.  Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing automation company, specifically focused on small businesses.  They have around 700 employees and are headquartered in Chandler, Arizona.  Infusionsoft stands out for having won many awards being a ‘Best Place to Work’ for different topics such as Women and Millennials, and received numerous awards for all around excellence.  As the Chief People Officer,  Hal speaks on why culture is the greatest competitive advantage in business today.  Hal leads a team that helps design many of the things Infusionsoft is implementing to create a great corporate culture.

Infusionsoft has intentionally tried to create a culture that engages people to do their best work.  The company was founded on the principle that people come first. At Infusionsoft, Hal leads the people operations team.  This team supports business leaders by providing resources they need. These resources include providing talent, training, as well as processes and systems needed to complete tasks.  This is a different approach as operations is not usually paired with HR.   Combining these departments enables more of these tasks to be provided with a service aspect toward the business leaders in the company, as well as, remove any negative connotations with the title Human Resources.  Infusionsoft made the decision on what their company culture was going to be, they didn’t just let it happen.  Having employees who are doing the work they love, engaged, and inspired, produces better work, which in turn, means happy customers.

What you will learn in this episode

  • Why Culture Is So important
  • What is a Dream Manager?
  • Flexible Work and the Freelancer Economy
  • Millennials and Culture
  • What is Native Genius?
  • How Can an Organization Choose Their Corporate Culture?
  • Building a Culture of Care and Connectiveness
  • How to Know Your Company’s Culture is Working

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